Hannaford Brothers data-management initiative receives award

Fremont, Calif. Hannaford Brothers was honored with the Gold Award by the Information Integrity Coalition for the company's systems enhancement for global access (SEGA) program. Infosys Technologies was Hannaford's I.T. services provider for the solution. Hannaford Supermarkets, based in Scarborough, Maine, operates 171 stores.

SEGA is Hannaford's vision for around-the-clock global access of its systems and applications, which include forecasting and perpetual inventory-management solutions. The five-year master data-management program created a foundation for improving the company's ability to quickly make category decisions that helped it identify, respond and capture market opportunities. The data model was implemented across Hannaford's entire supply chain including merchandising, retail and distribution systems to provide perpetual inventory management, demand planning and forecasting.

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