Harmons Grocery sees store-level savings with Carttronics

San Diego -- Harmons Grocery, a 16-store regional chain in Utah, is reporting significant benefits from the deployment of in-store solutions from Carttronics. The retailer has implemented  Carttronics’ push-out-prevention, hand-basket protection, cart inventory management, loss prevention video capture and remote system monitoring applications at five locations, with a sixth due to come on board soon.

With its recent growth, Harmons experienced challenges related to shrink, cart loss and retrieval expenses, cart conditions, repair and availability for the customers’ use at all times. The Harmons team wanted a long-term, sustainable solution to stop both actual and anticipated increase in lost carts, minimize retrieval and replacement expense, combat growing shrink, provide adequate cart supply and reduce store personnel expense in cart collection and management. After completing a multi-year search and evaluation process, Harmons selected Carttronics.

Carttronics’ solutions were implemented at an initial Harmons location in May 2011. Since that time, the store has seen reduced capital spending, lower operating expenses, a cart retention rate of 99%, reduced time devoted to cart retrieval, reduced shoplifting and more shoplifter apprehensions. The company has also increased its business intelligence capabilities, which have proven invaluable to optimizing cart fleet sizes.

“The Carttronics technology and solutions have directly and positively impacted our bottom-line. Carttronics excels in areas of innovative technologies and solutions, implementation support and lifetime cost of operation. They also have great programs for self-maintenance and spare parts, design, construction and installation support, regulatory compliance and provide flexibility in the solutions available on their network platform”, said Frank Lundquist, VP of store development at Harmons Grocery.


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