Hasbro gets ready for Scrabble tournament

Hasbro is getting ready to host the 2014 National School Scrabble Tournament, which will be held from April 26-27 at the company’s new Providence, R.I., facility, One Hasbro Place. Scrabble enthusiasts, in fourth through eighth grades, are invited to compete for the $10,000 top prize.

The National School Scrabble Tournament brings together contestants from across the U.S. and Canada. Students who compete in the tournament are generally members of a School Scrabble Club where they learn the rules of the game, practice their vocabulary and learn the benefits of teamwork. Parents, teachers and coaches can go to www.schoolscrabble.us to learn more about the event and to register students for the tournament. Registration costs $100 per team and will be open from now until April 11.

The final round of this year’s tournament will be broadcast live online using the innovative RFID Scrabble System from Mind Sports (International). The system utilizes custom built RFID technology and unique software that scans the board every 974 milliseconds to transmit the game to a livestream on the Web that showcases each teams tile rack, score breakdown as well as the ‘Best Word’ that each team can play at any given point.

Live commentary will accompany the broadcast and a live viewing party will be hosted on-site for those in attendance.

“We are thrilled to continue the tradition of the annual National School Scrabble Tournament,” says John Frascotti, CMO of Hasbro. “The School Scrabble Program has helped to inspire curiosity and learning among students, and we can’t wait to celebrate these students and provide them with an opportunity to show off their exceptional Scrabble skills in a game that is mentally and socially engaging, and fun.”



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