Herald Square Victoria’s Secret workers win concessions

Columbus, Ohio – Employees at the Victoria’s Secret store in Herald Square, New York City have reportedly won concessions on pay and promotions from the retailer. According to CNNMoney, following a petition effort started by employees at the store in June of this year, Victoria’s Secret agreed to give them pay raises between $1 and $2 per hour and also start promoting employees at the location.

In response to what Herald Square employees called unfair wages, inconsistent scheduling of shifts and lack of internal promotions, four employees at the store presented management with a letter demanding change in June. When management did not respond, the employees began a petition and collected signatures both in writing and online, and also sought assistance from the Retail Action Project labor group.

Employees allege management began reducing hours and changing shifts of workers involved in the petition effort, but last month received the concessions. Victoria’s Secret management did not comment in the article.


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