H&M to air interactive TV ad during Super Bowl

New York -- Fast-fashion retailer H&M will debut what is being called the first “shoppable TV commercial” during the upcoming Super Bowl. The 30-second ad, which will utilize Delivery Agent’s “t-commerce” platform, will promote David Beckham’s bodwear line, which is sold at H&M.

The in-commercial buying will only be available on "select Samsung Smart TVs.

According to reports, a small part of the screen will present a pop-up menu while the ad runs on the larger part of the screen. The menu will offer product information, the ability to send that information to another device and the option to buy the product directly. And the ad will remain interactive for viewers who rewind to it using their DVRs.

“This is a game-changer for the advertising industry," said Mike Fitzsimmons, Delivery Agent CEO. "With the upcoming launch of the t-commerce-enabled H&M Super Bowl XLVIII ad, we are collectively redefining the power and effectiveness of television advertising. Years ago, the world talked about the potential associated with buying Jennifer Aniston's sweater. H&M, in an industry first, will now realize that potential by making their Super Bowl XLVIII ad actionable and directly measurable."

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