H&M, New York City

The H&M flagship in Times Square is designed for maximum visual impact and customer engagement. The 42,500-sq.-ft. store has an ultra-modern, high-tech look, with talking mannequins and a digital runway (customers walk the runway floor, which triggers cameras that project their images and video onto LED screens on the store façade). In the children’s department, an illuminated carousel adds to the fun.  

The high-energy environment is punctuated with a giant LED screen framed in a “glitterwall” of mirror polished stainless steel panels that are illuminated to create a shimmering effect. The “lookout,” a customer lounge area, has a floor to ceiling corner window offering views out 
onto Times Square. The window is framed by another glitterwall, with a 6-ft. tall neon “H&M <3 TSQ” sign for photo opportunities.

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