Home Depot launches Fujitsu self-checkout software

New York City The Home Depot has launched an initiative to transition to Fujitsu U-Scan self-checkout software in their U.S. and Canadian retail stores.

The Fujitsu U-Scan self-checkout software application has open integration architecture, utilizing a virtual point-of-sale such as messaging framework that enables retailers to implement business critical point-of-sale software changes faster and easier while avoiding costly and complicated self-checkout re-integration and lengthy testing cycles.

"The focus of our IT efforts is to improve the shopping experience for our customers,” said Cara Kinzey, senior VP IT Store, field and corporate support for The Home Depot. “Taking advantage of the U-Scan self-checkout software architecture's flexibility means that we can better respond to changing business conditions, making us more efficient, competitive and responsive to customer needs."

The Home Depot is currently completing initial proof of concept pilot testing.

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