Huffy Corporation upgrades software to improve deliveries

Bicycle supplier Huffy Corporation is turning to Experian Data Quality, a part of Experian Marketing Services and a leading provider of contact data management software and services, to ensure accurate and timely package deliveries and improve service levels to its customers.

"Our goal is to get our bikes and accessories to our customers as quickly and reliably as possible," said Dave Reed, senior business analyst at Huffy Bicycle. "With Experian Data Quality, we have improved delivery accuracy significantly while simultaneously reducing the cost and delays we previously incurred from our freight carriers for unconfirmed addresses. Although transparent to our customers, Experian Data Quality has been a win-win for everybody."

The Experian Data Quality address verification software has been implemented in the company's U.S.-based call center. Staff members will be able to ensure contact information is accurate at the time of entry while reducing data collection time and rework associated with bad addresses.

"With the growing percentage of products shipped directly to customers, data quality plays an ever-growing role in customer satisfaction," said David Northridge, VP of client retention, Experian Data Quality. "As retailers and suppliers look to improve the quality of their customer information, they will not only be able to improve operational practices, but also ensure accurate information for analytics and consumer insight."

Experian Data Quality is a leading provider of data quality software and services to organizations of all sizes.



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