Hurricane Update: Most Stores Closed Due to Rita Reopen

New York City, Even though Texas and Louisiana residents who fled Hurricane Rita remain displaced, the majority of retailers have restocked their shelves as they await the return of their customers.

Bracing for the wrath of Rita, Wal-Mart closed 155 stores on Saturday morning. By Sunday, all but 52 were open for business. Similarly, Target was able to reopen 28 of its 32 closed stores.

"While there was a disruption, it won't be cataclysmic," for merchants, said Scott Krugman, a spokesman at the Washington-based National Retail Federation. "This should have a minimum impact on nationwide sales."

The Home Depot, the nation’s largest home improvement retailer, also reopened its doors in Texas and Louisiana. Furthermore, company spokesman Don Harrison said that over 100 trucks have been dispatched to bring additional supplies to Home Depot stores, so full shelves will greet their customers.

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