Ikea launches employee loyalty program

Ikea plans to launch an employee loyalty program launch in the new year. Beginning in 2014, every employee worldwide will receive an equal contribution to their pension plan, based on the company's financial goals being met.

The program named Tack! — which means ‘thank you’ in Swedish — was inspired by Ikea founder Ingvar Kamprad's wish to “share the success of the Ikea Group with all employees.”

"In a time when so many other businesses are struggling, it is wonderful to be able to reward our valued employees and contribute to their future." says Kerri Molinaro, president of Ikea Canada. "Our ambition is to be an employer of choice and our commitment is to be a leader in wages, benefits and life-long security for our employees"

Ikea Group employees will, after a qualification period of five consecutive financial years of employment, receive a contribution to their pension plans. The basic principle is that pension payout begins at regular retirement age. Full-time employees in a country will receive the same amount regardless of unit, position or salary level. Part-time employees will receive a proportional amount in relation to hours worked.

Tack! will be launching just a few months after the One Ikea Bonus Program, a performance-driven bonus system, which is connected to the individual salary level, and will be paid annually, if the set goals are reached.

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