Ikea to unveil newer, more energy efficient store in Canada

Burlington, Ontario -- Ikea Canada said that it has turned its focus to sustainability in Canada during a period of expansion in the country.

As the retailer opens three stores this year in Canada, it said it is committed to having this new wave of stores be 40% more efficient than the last store built in 2004.

Ikea Richmond, Canada's newest store set to open on April 25, will feature a geothermal installation, rainwater harvesting, a solar-equipped navigation tower as well as approximately one tree for every six parking spaces. Ikea Richmond coworkers will also be able to enjoy the new edible garden located on the store's rooftop.

"Ikea recognizes the importance of our business having a positive impact on people and the environment," said Maya Abdou, Ikea Richmond store manager. "As an extension of our ongoing commitment to responsible business practices, Ikea Richmond is implementing new policies and adopting new features that ensure greater efficiency and sustainability of our new building."

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