Improved IAQ, Advanced Moisture Control From ICM Controls

New Comfort Control Center Removes Excess Moisture to Make Air More Comfortable, Reduce Risk of Mold ICM Controls, a manufacturer and supplier of electronic controls to the HVACR industry, announces its new, award-winning CC750 Comfort Control Center. The CC750 is a variable-frequency/variable-voltage blower motor speed control that enables the installer to fine-tune key parameters for advanced control of air quality and moisture levels at individual installations.

The CC750 Comfort Control Center enhances comfort and indoor air quality in small commercial settings by controlling the blower speed in the existing air conditioner or heat pump systems. The unit reduces humidity levels by removing excess moisture in the air, creating drier, more comfortable air. The lower humidity levels provide an extra layer of defense from mold propagation (it has been shown that humidity levels below 55% relative humidity minimize mold growth). During colder months, the CC750 also provides warmer air discharge temperatures for heat pumps.,p> By safely controlling both the frequency and voltage to the blower motor, the CC750 can also reduce power consumption to achieve greater overall energy efficiencies. Additional energy savings can be achieved through higher set point temperatures, as the resulting drier air allows the end-user to raise the set point temperature on the thermostat while still maintaining the same perceived level of comfort. The CC750 also helps reduce fan noise for almost imperceptible fan operation.

The CC750 is a stand-alone product—eliminating the need for additional equipment—and can be used in conjunction with a system equipped with advanced indoor air quality (IAQ) devices, helping them operate more effectively and leading to greater end-user comfort.

ICM’s CC750 is ideal for most small commercial applications operating on a single-phase system. It uses a simple menu-driven program and can typically be installed by a trained HVAC contractor in about an hour. It is available through authorized CC750 distributors in 115 VAC (CC750-115) and 230 VAC (CC750-230) models.

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