Inflatable Signage Makes Advertising Portable

San Diego The Aire Vue Inflatable, from Above All Advertising, San Diego, offers a lightweight, durable, double-sided air-inflatable sign that replaces the traditional metal frame sign. Designed for display on top of a car, in front of stores or shopping centers, at concerts, and even on the water, the inflatable signage device alleviates scratched surfaces, offers portability, and may circumvent municipal ordinances that regulate signage when the Aire Vue is placed on top of a vehicle or other mobile surface.

The A-shaped, Aire Vue Inflatable is available in two sizes and can be conveniently set up with an electric or battery-operated air blower or foot pump. The advertising message is seamlessly displayed on a long-lasting fabric sleeve that covers the inflatable frame and can be secured by filling the base with water or by placing sand bags on the bottom.

The Aire Vue Inflatable can be ordered with printed covers or panels. The device is available with optional extras, including: * Special protective mat for additional surface protection; * 110-volt air blower; * Battery-operated air blower; and * Foot pump.

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