InMoment surfacing shopper stories in the cloud

Mindshare Technologies acquired Empathica last year, rebranded the company as InMoment and launched a new customer experience optimization platform called the Experience Hub.

InMoment has more than 300 employees throughout North America and Europe, serving 350 brands across 25 industries in 128 countries. Its new cloud-based Experience Hub platform promises to unlock the potential of customer experience data gleaned from an expanding array of sources. According to the company, the Experience Hub centralizes experience data and connects it with technology to surface critical customer stories, and then channels timely, actionable insights to the right people and places to drive targeted decisions across the entire enterprise.

“The days of siloed information, long surveys, and simple scores are over,” said InMoment CEO John Sperry. “Consumers hold all the cards. They are more engaged with brands than ever before, have bigger platforms through which they can voice their displeasure and delight, and want to share their stories. It’s a race, and the companies that win will be the ones willing to invest the time, resources and shift in mindset required to create a culture that is truly customer-centric.”

Doing so means taking vast amounts of data that is structured and unstructured, such as social media comments, and blending them together to create a rich source of information. Once the data is centralized, the Experience Hub applies text analytics technologies to the information to glean insights. Built on the same Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine used by IBM’s Watson, InMoment said it has spent years developing additional layers of proprietary technologies to fine-tune its text analytics capabilities to specific industries.

Once critical customer stories are collected and surfaced, the Experience Hub harnesses InMoment’s suite of products and services to channel actionable insights to the right people and places within an organization in a timely manner, according to the company. Insights are packaged, and presented in simple stories targeted to specific roles within the organization.  For example, a local manager might receive real-time alerts about cleanliness, friendliness and speed-of-service while a marketing executive might receive monthly analysis on customers’ reaction to a campaign. And a CEO might receive quarterly reviews to inform decisions about where and how to grow the company.


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