Intelligrated releases new pick-to-light solution

Cincinnati -- Intelligrated is releasing new RTS Trak3 cL pick-to-light hardware from its subsidiary company, Knighted. The new pick-to-light system enables maximum picking and putting accuracy and efficiency in high-velocity, high-SKU omni-channel and e-commerce fulfillment environments.

Scalable operational features and flexible workflows enable quick startup and improved order fulfillment productivity for both simple and complex operations. RTS Trak3 cL pick-to-light systems utilize bright flashing lights and LED displays to provide clear direction to pick locations and quantities for picking in a variety of fulfillment methods, including cluster and batch picking. Multicolor devices enable concurrent activity in the shared zones, such as multiple active order fillers or quick batch viewed by color-coded picking for shorter walk times and improved labor productivity.

Integrated with Knighted fulfillment execution software, each RTS Trak3 cL pick-to-light system can scale to meet increased capacity requirements and augments existing WMS or ERP systems to provide advanced planning, management and reporting tools to optimize light-directed operations. Each module can function as a single or dual location, with dedicated high-speed device-level controllers that enable easy configuration for multiple fulfillment workflows.

“The new Trak3 cL pick-to-light system meets the fulfillment needs of our e-commerce and omnichannel distribution customers with changing order profiles and increased each picking,” said Greg Cronin, executive VP, Intelligrated. “This scalable, entry-level picking automation system delivers the accuracy and productivity demanded by today’s fastest growing retailers, manufacturers and 3PL operators.”


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