J.C. Penney CEO seeks customer feedback

New York -- J.C. Penney chairman and CEO Ron Johnson on Monday sent out an email to the chain’s customers  detailing how it is returning to the pricing policies its founder James Cash Penney intended.

"While you will see many changes, you can rest assured that we'll never lose sight of our founder's values," Johnson wrote. "When James Cash Penney built his first retail stores over a century ago, he called them 'The Golden Rule,' because treating customers with respect was his highest priority."

Johnson also described some of the changes going on in the company’s stores.
“We've also made it easier to return items, we're bringing in more great brands, adding excitement to our presentation, offering free back-to-school haircuts for kids, and much more. Basically, we're putting you and your family first, trying to give you new reasons to smile every time you visit a jcpenney store,” he wrote.

Johnson asked customers to personally tell him how the company is doing and to share ideas they might have to help performance. He included an electronic “I’d like to hear from you” link at the end of the email.

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- 9:36 PM
Denise Lee Yohn says

It makes sense for Johnson to seek dialogue with customers but an "an electronic 'I’d like to hear from you' link at the end of a promotional email" is unlikely to yield reliable, actionable insights -- feedback will likely be fraught with response bias and priming effect, and contain generalities too broad to inform specific strategies. Plus, asking people what they want -- vs. seeking to understand what they really want and how they really behave -- is what got the chain into trouble with its fair and square pricing in the first place. People likely said they wanted less confusing sales and everyday low prices, but we all know people don't do what they say. Instead, the company should invest in rigorous consumer research to truly understand its customers. -- denise lee yohn

- 10:30 PM
bob haller says

I believe its too little too late..... He may have learned that having ellen as a spokesperson might have been OK but pushing the gay couples on front pages is totally unacceptable. He might have learned customers like me appreciated his helpful friendly sales people, and really DONT like them being chained to registers as mere cashiers. That Penneys wasnt target and penneys customers demanded SERVICE Ron has done NOTHING I like to penneys and I will never shop there again... It was my favorite store and he has destroyed it:( I spoke with a store manager and suggested she get her resume updated..... I DO have one idea for Ron, turn in his resignation immediately and reject your golden parachute!! You dont deserve anything but the unemployment line, the same one so many of your former employees are in.. Penneys didnt need a whole new store, just a cosmetic makeover! Ron went in with a bulldozer and mucked it all up:(

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