Jones Group net loss, net sales fall

New York – The Jones Group Inc. reported mixed results for the fourth quarter and fiscal year 2013, with net loss and net sales falling in both periods compared to the same periods a year earlier. Net loss fell to $47.1 million from $80.1 million during the fourth quarter, and to $19.7 million from $55 million during the full year.

However, net sales declined 8.5% to $876.5 million from $958.3 million during the quarter, and fractionally to $3.72 billion from $3.75 billion during the full year.

John T. McClain, CEO of Jones Group, said the company is taking actions to enhance profitability and focus on its core brands.

"Our financial position remains strong,” said McClain. “We ended the year with $116 million in cash and our revolver undrawn. We are continuing to focus on inventory management, expense control, and operational efficiencies and believe we will continue to improve margins and maintain a strong balance sheet."

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