Joseph-Beth Booksellers to implement Jesta I.S. Vision Suite

New York City -- Jesta I.S., a supplier of enterprise business solutions for retailers, manufacturers and distributors in the apparel, footwear and specialty industries worldwide, announced Wednesday that Joseph-Beth Booksellers has selected Jesta I.S. solutions to power its business operations.

Joseph-Beth Booksellers will implement the Jesta I.S. Vision Store, Vision Merchandising, Vision Planning, and Vision E-DOM, enabling the integration of all its information in a single solution.

Vision Suite will manage inventory and transactional information in an integrated retail system, bringing together all of the data and tools required to support Joseph-Beth’s retailing and distribution operations.

“This key initiative will allow us to integrate some key tools for better servicing our customers, enable more visibility on managing our business, and drive better overall efficiencies for our business,” said Mark Wilson, CEO, Joseph-Beth Booksellers.

Joseph-Beth Booksellers operates locations in Lexington, Ky., Cincinnati and Cleveland.

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