Juno Lighting Group Introduces AccuFlood EF Series


Des Plaines, Ill.

Juno Lighting Group introduces the AccuFlood EF Series, a powerful, yet subtle lighting solution for the illumination of building facades, signs and small parking lots.

The AccuFlood EF Series is a smaller version of larger floodlights that have the same wattage capabilities. This compact floodlight, with its size of EPA 1.12 ft2 (with 1.2 drag factor), can handle a full range of lamps—from 70W to 400W metal halide and high-pressure sodium. It also has the capacity for a full range of ballasts, including HPF ballasts for low temperature starting.

Its compact size allows the use of lighter poles or more fixtures per pole, for significant overall project cost savings. A one-piece lens gives it a sleek, soft-edged profile. The dark bronze polyester powder finish is low-key and rust-proof. The fixture gaskets are made with silicone rubber to withstand high temperatures. The AccuFlood EF Series is certified UL, cUL for wet locations.

Floodlights in the AccuFlood EF Series are available with either slipfitter or yoke mounting components. They also have removable hinged doors, keyed to prevent accidental removal during relamping. A wide-beam distribution pattern allows for maximum lighting performance.


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