Juno Lighting Group Offers Two Current-Limiting Solutions to Help Meet Stringent Energy Codes

Juno Lighting Group, Des Plaines, Ill., has developed new Current-Limiting Subpanels and Current-Limiting Track Feeds to help users comply with stringent energy codes such as ASHRAE/IESNA or California Title 24.

The Current-Limiting Subpanels and Current-Limiting Track Feeds are designed to limit available wattage to track lighting based on the actual lighting design criteria. Either solution can help reduce calculated watts by as much as 75% or more. Both systems utilize supplementary current-limiting circuit breakers, avoiding the “watts-per-linear-foot penalty” imposed on track lighting by energy codes. These breakers are available in a wide variety of current ratings, enabling specification that closely matches the planned wattage use.

Current Limiting Subpanel Advantages

The Juno Current Limiting Subpanel is compatible with any line-voltage track-lighting system and is typically installed in an electrical control room.

This option limits the amount of power that is available to operate the track circuit to only the wattage needed per the lighting plan. Multiple track runs can be fed from a single current-limiting circuit breaker. The panel is factory pre-assembled for easy installation.  

Best suited for new construction, the subpanel is offered in any configuration, from six through 42 circuits, and is available in either surface-mount or flush-mount versions.

Current-Limiting Track Feeds’ Advantages

Juno Current-Limiting Track Feeds are a solution for new construction, or for bringing existing Juno line-voltage track lighting applications into conformance with stringent energy codes.

The feeds are designed to take the place of standard non-limiting feeds in track layouts. They are compact, and mount close to the ceiling for an unobtrusive appearance. Each feed connector is designed to accept up to two current-limiting circuit breakers simultaneously. Color-coded “ON/OFF” indicators clearly identify the breaker status. They can be easily reset in the event of an overload situation. The feeds are supplied with tamper-resistant cover screws and screwdriver bits. This detail also helps prevent unauthorized tampering with the device.

Available in both end-feed and in-line-feed configurations, the Current Limiting Track Feeds can be specified for Juno’s Trac-Master 1-circuit, Trac-Master 2-circuit or Trac-Lites 1-circuit line voltage track systems.


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