Kahuna helps businesses generate mobile purchases

Kahuna, a marketing automation company for mobile, is touting its new Conversion Campaigns as a “first-of-its-kind solution” that it says can translate consumer interest into “significant” mobile sales and revenue.

According to Kahuna, its customers, such as 1-800-Flowers and Karmaloop, have already experienced an 18 to 33% uplift in revenue from these mobile users thanks to Conversion Campaigns.

"Kahuna has increased our mobile app revenue velocity, and Conversion Campaigns have been an essential catalyst in driving that outcome," said Amit Shah of 1-800-Flowers. "Since using Kahuna, we've seen a net incremental increase in purchases and revenue coming from our app. It's all about inspiring the 'let me think about it' shoppers to complete their purchases while the occasion and the desired gift is fresh in their minds and their cart. It's clear that customers are very comfortable making purchases using their smartphone and tablets."

With Conversion Campaigns, Kahuna identifies specific users who have shown purchase intent by placing items in their shopping carts, either on a retailer's mobile website, a retailer's native app or on a desktop, but who have not yet completed their orders. In real time, Kahuna is able to automatically follow up in a cohesive and respectful way using push notifications, in-app mobile messaging and Facebook retargeting. Once customers complete their orders, all targeted notifications and advertising for this specific cart fulfillment stop immediately.

"Mobile revenue and engagement have always been the core focus of our company. There hasn't been enough emphasis put on driving dollars on mobile, or enough transparency around the ROI of push notifications and other forms of mobile marketing," said Adam Marchick, CEO of Kahuna. "With Conversion Campaigns, Kahuna proves definitively that mobile apps can be an outstanding revenue generator, capable of engaging consumers and closing the purchasing loop more effectively than any other platform."



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