Kanga app set to trigger local same-day delivery

Atlanta -- Crowd-sourced delivery company Kanga has launched a new iPhone and Android app that will place on-demand delivery options in the hands of local customers. The first market to pilot the on-demand shipping solution is Kanga’s home base of Atlanta.

The solution, which leverages crowd-sourced labor, is designed to connect customers and retailers with local delivery drivers.

To initiate the delivery process, customers upload a description of an item via the Kanga mobile app, select a delivery timeframe and set a price for the service. Simultaneously, Kanga drivers access an app-based mobile map that displays the delivery requests by location and bid for delivery jobs in their area. For retailers, the solution integrates directly with popular e-commerce and point-of-sale systems.

The launch, said Kanga president and co-founder Everett Steele, enables users to “save money and empowers our drivers to be entrepreneurs. Each Kanga user joins the millions of Americans who benefit from the collaborative economy."

Atlanta's fast-paced, urban lifestyle, high-traffic volume and emerging technology scene make the city the optimal environment for the launch of new companies, according to Kanga, which also said it is leveraging the city's commitment to small businesses and the local economy to build an infrastructure of retail partners throughout the metropolitan area.

Following its Atlanta launch, the company said it plans multi-city expansion with national reach by early 2015.

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