Keds unveils omni-channel campaign

Lexington, Mass. – Vertical footwear retailer Keds is launching an omni-channel marketing campaign called the “Keds Brave Life Project.” The campaign is aimed at encouraging positive development of girls and young women.

The online home for Keds Brave Life Project is a new, a virtual community initially launched by Keds in January 2013. The site now offers dozens of new features including style tutorials, product showcases, and how-to videos covering everything from crafts to cooking, many of which are user-generated, along with everyday brave challenges, personal stories, grant applications, and research and reading material.

"We believe that young women can achieve anything, it just takes the right type of support," said Rick Blackshaw, president, Keds. "The new campaign solidifies our efforts to provide young women with tools and resources that will help them realize their full potential, and celebrate and inspire bravery in ways both big and small."

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