Kellogg streamlines digital video advertising initiative

Kellogg is looking to BrightRoll, an independent video advertising platform, to help the company simplify and maximize the efficiency of its digital video advertising.

Kellogg is expanding its video advertising capabilities and leveraging BrightRoll’s platform to boost brand awareness among a growing digital audience, as consumer viewing habits shift from television to computers, mobile devices and connected TVs. 

"We wanted a single partner to help us maximize the impact of our campaigns and reach the right audiences," said Bob Arnold, associate director of global digital strategy at Kellogg. "We chose the BrightRoll platform because it has the best-in-class decision engine as well as great relationships with publishers that we were eager to leverage."

According to BrightRoll, Kellogg’s ads have achieved 37% increase in completion rate and its campaigns showed a 24% increase in targeting efficiency. 

Kellogg is using the platform to identify and reach precise customer sets. Buying programmatically through the BrightRoll platform also allows Kellogg to leverage data to automatically buy ideal audiences. As a result, Kellogg's ad buys are more accurate and actionable.

"Our comprehensive technology platform was built from the ground up to support digital video advertising," said Tim Avila, VP of product marketing at BrightRoll. "That technology, together with our industry-leading audience reach, our deep knowledge of online video and our talented staff, enables us to deliver results our competitors can't."

A BrightRoll customer since 2009, Kellogg's digital advertising strategy has evolved from managing campaigns on an individual basis with numerous vendors, to a single platform partner capable of efficiently and effectively targeting audiences at scale, serving ads on preferred sites and improving key performance metrics.

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