Kellogg's powers consumer loyalty with Family Rewards Program

BATTLE CREEK, Mich. — The Kellogg Company displayed the benefits of a strong customer-loyalty program with a presentation of its Kellogg's Family Rewards program, developed by the company Aimia, at the Loyalty Expo in Orlando, Florida.

The Kellogg's Family Rewards program membership is growing rapidly and now covers a majority of Kellogg products including cereals, frozen foods and snacks. The Kellogg's Family Rewards program has been such a significant asset for the company that national promotions, retail-specific offers, and brand promotions are now being run through the program. The program has brought greater efficiency and greater flexibility to marketing budgets since multiple products share an umbrella loyalty program, but still retain their individual appeal.

"When developing this program, we recognized the need to have a platform that would integrate multiple products across Kellogg's brands and extend across all brand promotions," said Dan Keller, vice president, CRM and Loyalty at Kellogg Company. "We partnered with Aimia to develop the program, and in addition to driving loyalty, we've also been able to make data-driven marketing decisions which is critical in this competitive market."

Aimia's proprietary platform assigns a value to each code based on product, size and item cost, but also factors in a bonus point structure and national promotion overlays. The data that is generated when the consumer enters codes is analyzed to more effectively target promotions and offers to specific members. Aimia also provides data-driven catalogue technology for the program, which includes exclusive reward previews and member-specific reward items. As a result, Kellogg expects to see increased engagement with consumers and increased loyalty to products and its brands.

"Kellogg appreciated the importance of understanding their customers and what motivates them," said Jay Lee, chief strategy officer, US Region, Aimia. "Leveraging insights from consumer data allows companies to get the right offer to the right customers via the right channels, fostering a strong, two-way consumer loyalty relationship while building a sustainable competitive advantage for the company."

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