Kenmore launches new customer service technology

HOFFMAN ESTATES, Ill. Sears Holdings announced that it has launched new technology Kenmore that enables select Kenmore and Kenmore Elite washers and dryers to "talk" directly to service experts. With Kenmore Connect, customers questioning whether their appliances are running exactly right or needing machine instructions find answers with a phone call and a push of a button, the company reported.

"The rollout of Kenmore Connect is another milestone in the brand's history of offering its customers best-in-class innovation and service," said Guenther Trieb, president Sears Brands.  "Kenmore has a long-standing reputation for high quality products.  While our products are designed for durability, there may be times when an appliance needs service or customers have questions about their products.  Kenmore Connect is one more way we strive to ensure customer satisfaction during the many years our product is in someone's home."


Kenmore Connect works as follows:


Customers call 1-800-4-MY-HOME and follow the voice prompts to reach a Kenmore Connect service expert.  Customers are then asked to follow three steps:


    * Hold: Place the mouthpiece of the phone over the power button, very close to – but not touching – the machine.    * Push: Press and hold the appropriate button, "Wash/Rinse" for washers and "Temp" for dryers.    * Listen: Wait to hear three beeps.  Then release the button while keeping the phone in place.  Users will hear transmission sounds as the numbers on the display count down. 

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