Kleenex delivers a gesture of care



DALLAS — In the height of the one of the worst flu seasons in recent years, Kleenex is hand-delivering care packs to unsuspecting fans all across North America. Three fans will receive what could be the surprise of a lifetime.

Kleenex brand has ignited what they call a “Gesture of Care” movement, and are surprising a total of 84 people across the country with in-person deliveries of its care packs, complete with Kleenex facial tissue, lip balm, hand sanitizer and a plush blanket — essential items to aid recovery this cold-and-flu season. Eighty-one of these surprise deliveries will be made by local couriers, but three will be made by the host of TV’s “Dancing with the Stars,” Brooke Burke-Charvet.

Every year, more than 62 million cases of the common cold are reported in the United States, according to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Kleenex and Ms. Burke-Charvet hope to ease the displeasure for a few lucky individuals. "It warms my heart to have the opportunity to bring someone a little extra comfort during one of the worst flu seasons I can remember," Burke-Charvet said. "I encourage everyone to get involved by visiting the Kleenex Facebook page and nominating your own friend. Who knows — another celebrity could be knocking on your door next!"




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