Kmart takes pay-in-store option to next level

HOFFMAN ESTATES, Ill. — Kmart is offering members of its Shop Your Way loyalty program a new payment option called Pay in Store. The program launches nationally this month and allows online shoppers to reserve an item for 48 hours.

Shoppers who select the Pay in Store option will be able to reserve items online, pay at their local Kmart store using cash, check, debit, loyalty points, credit or gift card, and pick up the item onsite if it’s already available on shelves. Similar programs at other retailers allow customers to reserve items that they can then pick up in store, but require shoppers to wait for their items to be delivered to the stores before they can do so, even if items are available in shelves. Kmart is looking to provide members of its loyalty program with a seamless and integrated shopping experience by allowing them to take items home on the spot if they are already in stock.

"With Pay in Store, we offer our members more choices and provide access to online shopping for a large, underserved portion of the U.S. population that wants the convenience of shopping online but does not have a credit card or is reluctant to submit their card information via the Internet," said Imran Jooma, EVP and president, marketing, online, and financial services, Sears Holdings. "We are addressing a need in a way no other large retailer is doing by giving members and customers ultimate flexibility, convenience and choice in how they shop and pay and the satisfaction of walking out minutes later with their items in-hand."

Pay in Store launched in all Kmart stores nationwide in July. Pay with Shop Your Way Points launches in August. The feature gives members and customers who don't use credit cards access to thousands of items at, which includes categories such as home, fitness and sports, beauty and health, clothing, music, movies and gaming.

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