Kroger Faced With More E. Coli Cases

Atlanta The Center for Disease Control (CDC) announced late Tuesday that additional states are now part of the recent E. coli outbreak.

The outbreak that was traced to recalled beef sold in Kroger supermarkets in Michigan and Ohio has now cropped up in New York, Kentucky and Indiana. Each state has one lab-confirmed case of a bacterial infection that matches the 41 previously reported cases, according to the CDC.

Last month, the Kroger Co. recalled ground beef sold in Michigan and Ohio stores, then this month expanded it to include other states. Nebraska Beef Ltd. supplied the meat, ultimately recalling 5.3 million pounds of beef.

All 44 illnesses in the outbreak are attributed to the same type of E. coli, one that causes a potentially deadly bacterial infection. The illnesses began between May 30 and June 24. CDC officials say 21 of the victims have been hospitalized and one developed kidney failure, but no one has died.

Kroger’s Web site currently publicizes the outbreak, and reassures customers that all beef currently for sale in Kroger stores is from other suppliers.

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