Kroger Joins In-Store Trial of Portable People Meter

Cincinnati, Kroger plans to enroll 100 Houston-area stores in a trial of the Arbitron Portable People Meter (PPM) system beginning next month. The system is designed to track the effectiveness of in-store audio programming.

Kroger will be using In-Store Broadcasting Network audio material, which it already has in the stores in conjunction with PPM identification codes supplied by Arbitron. When an Arbitron PPM survey participant enters the store, the PPM detects codes and reports what in-store audio programming the person was exposed to. The system also records other kinds of media exposure. It uses an audience measurement device about the size of a small cell phone to track customer exposure to media and entertainment. Therefore, the device tracks information such as where participants watch television and listen to the radio.

Best Buy, Gap, Gallery Furniture, National CineMedia and Old Navy are also participating in the Houston trial.

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