Lamps Plus selects Manhattan Associates’ to improve supply chain efficiency

Atlanta Lamps Plus selected Manhattan Associates' Warehouse Management solution to manage processes in its 800,000-sq.-ft. distribution center in Redlands, Calif.

"We did not have a system that was going to take us to the next level- we were manually keying inventory movement from paper records, which meant that any errors made wouldn't be discovered for two days," said Clark Linstone, CFO, Lamps Plus, which operates 45 stores throughout the western and southwestern states, in addition to catalogue and Internet sales. "As our volume increased, so did the labor required to simultaneously maintain fulfillment levels while fixing inventory errors."

In addition to the warehouse management system, Lamps Plus also deployed Manhattan's Labor Management to optimize the distribution workforce and create more productivity while reducing overall labor costs.

Within months of implementing the Manhattan solutions, overall accuracy rates jumped to between 98% and 99.8% as nearly all manual processes were eliminated, according to Manhattan Associates.

“We had normal shipping from day one, which is very impressive for a new system with complex processes," said Linstone. "The beauty of the system is that it's actually very difficult to make a mistake. If you try to pick the wrong product, it won't let you proceed. Or, if an item is scanned properly but gets slotted in the wrong place, it's detected and adjusted quickly."

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