Las Olas Plaza/Chicago Botanic Garden Shop

Shopping Center Las Olas Plaza Acapulco, Mexico Design: Pavlik Design Team, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Las Olas Plaza has a light, breezy feel that complements its beachside setting. The architectural form of the 47,662-sq.-ft. center was inspired by, and resembles, the billowing sails of boats in nearby Acapulco Bay. A grand rotunda with a sloping skylight roof defines the main entrance of the mall. The interior features tall clerestory windows, which allow for plenty of natural light, and a colorful wave-like mosaic in varying shades of ocean blue. The flooring is a honed and polished porcelain tile in complementing shades of beach-sand colors fashioned in curved, overlapping patterns.

The Chicago Botanic Garden Shop redefines its retail space with a dynamic environment that presents product “stories” crafted around horticulture, botany and related arts. Panoramic windows overlooking the grounds are incorporated into the merchandise setups, with the lush views and natural light serving as an ideal backdrop for the interpretive product displays. A bold graphic frieze featuring subtle messages, soft colors, plant silhouettes and other images about the garden runs along the upper wall, unifying the 3,660-sq.-ft. space.

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