Lawsuit Claims Wal-Mart Should Sell Pill

Boston, Mass., Three women plan to file a lawsuit against a Massachusetts Wal-Mart for failing to stock and sell a prescription emergency contraception pill called Plan B, the Boston Globe reported Wednesday.

Backed by abortion-rights advocates Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts, NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts and Jane Doe Inc., the women plan to argue that refusing to fill a legal prescription for Plan B violated the Massachusetts Consumer Protection Act.

Wal-Mart spokeswoman Sarah Clark said the company doesn't carry a number of products, including Plan B, 'for business reasons” but didn’t elaborate why.

Clark said the Massachusetts pharmacy will stock the morning-after pill if the retailer receives a directive to do so either from the Massachusetts Pharmacy Board or the state attorney general.

All other major pharmacy chains operating in the state carry Plan B, but, according to the Boston Globe, no specific state law requires a pharmacy to fill such a prescription.

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