Lennox Introduces Advanced Systems for Energy and Cost Control



L Connection Network With Comfort Sensor
The Comfort Sensor is an innovative new product for light commercial applications that combines multiple sensing and zone damper control options in a single device.

The Comfort Sensor primarily functions as a zone temperature sensor for use with Lennox’ L Connection Network building-automation system. For stand-alone applications that do not require a complete building-automation system, the Comfort Sensor’s many versions combine relative humidity and/or carbon dioxide sensing options with temperature sensing.

An intuitive LCD interface is available for adjusting temperature setpoints and viewing zone information. This user-friendly interface is ideal for office workers or other occupants, allowing easy adjustment of temperature setpoints within a range specified by the facility manager to optimize comfort and energy usage.

Humiditrol Dehumidification System for Split Systems
The user-friendly Humiditrol system provides humidity control for split systems while allowing for space dehumidification without overcooling. High humidity levels, rather than room temperature, activate the dehumidification cycle to improve indoor air quality.

When a room or building’s humidity level exceeds the system’s setpoint, the SignatureStat control activates the Humiditrol feature, which works with the heating and cooling system to remove excess moisture by reheating cooled air. By reducing humidity, this patented reheat design helps control the growth of mold, mildew and dust mites, which have been linked to allergies and asthma.

Based on the award-winning Humiditrol dehumidification system originally developed for rooftop units, the new split system version is a secondary coil installed downstream of the evaporator. Now available as a field-installed accessory, the Humiditrol system is matched with 3-phase T-Class and S-Class 3- to 5-ton R-410A refrigerant split systems. Designed to work with commercial air-conditioner and heat-pump systems, it is capable of improving space humidity levels and outperforming conventional dehumidifiers.

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