LightSpeed launches command center for retailers

MONTREAL, Canada — LightSpeed, a leading software company that develops tools for retailers to better manage operations and sales across all channels, has launched StoreMaster, a command center that affords retailers complete control over their business. 

StoreMaster is a re-engineered interface for the Mac that enables users to track real-time data across all sales channels, manage inventory levels and process invoices and shipments from one simple control panel. Its new customizable dashboard delivers up-to-the-minute metrics in accessible graphs, allowing stores to monitor performance and position themselves better so they can reach their sales goals.

“StoreMaster gives retailers a competitive advantage by offering total control and visibility into all areas of their business inside one central, customizable hub,” said Dax Dasilva, founder and CEO of LightSpeed. “As business owners navigate the new omnichannel environment, it’s vital for retailers to track sales seamlessly across all shopping channels, including mobile, online and in-store. StoreMaster gives retailers the real-time data they need right at their fingertips.”

StoreMaster also allows store managers, purchasers and sales associates to customize their home screens to suit their specific needs. The dashboard lets them take a look at sales targets, see the most popular products, automatically generate year-over-year comparisons and optimize staffing by visually identifying historical sales peaks. Users can also receive real-time e-commerce updates with live notifications so they can stay on top of incoming Web orders and generate reports, which are created in the background so users can continue working. 

StoreMaster also allows managers to stay on top of trending products with its new Sell-Through Report feature, and simplify cash purchases in select countries with the new Cash Rounding feature. The new LightSpeed also incorporates payment services from Moneris, Canada’s largest payment processor, and support for the new Genius terminal from Merchant Warehouse in the United States.  


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