The Limited enjoys happy returns

Specialty retailer The Limited is attempting to build loyalty even when a customer isn’t satisfied with a purchase.

The Limited is deploying Narvar Returns, a solution from post-purchase experience platform provider Narvar. Narvar Returns provides customers with an intuitive digital experience where they can select eligible items from their order, share feedback and choose the most convenient return method.

In addition, customers can obtain visibility into the status of their return through integrated tracking tools and personalized notifications. Other features include personalized recommendations based on shoppers’ stated reasons for returns, real-time tracking of returns and refunds, optimized carrier selection, and a real-time dashboard for analysis of customer feedback.

“Our customers deserve a remarkable experience through every interaction they have with our brand,” said Jason Acevedo, senior director of e-commerce operations at The Limited. “Working with Narvar, we were able to evolve our returns management into an engaging brand experience in a matter of weeks. While many brands exasperate consumers with returns, we can offer a convenient, easy-to-navigate experience that actually results in repeat customers, valuable feedback and lower costs associated with customer service.”

Post-purchase experience, which includes product returns, is becoming an increasingly important part of CRM. Instead of viewing returns as a cost center, The Limited and other forward-thinking retailers are taking a proactive approach and using technology to turn returns into an opportunity to build loyalty, retention, and even sales.

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