Lowe’s subsidiary boosts conversions with product videos

New York - ATGStores.com, an independent, wholly owned subsidiary of Lowe’s, has increased conversions by 14% with customized product videos from Treepodia. This represents a 5.5 times ROI based on the increase in sales.

ATGStores.com carries a selection of lighting, furniture, hardware, plumbing and home décor. The retailer had created its own “how-to-videos” to help customers with their own projects but wanted to create product videos on a large scale.

Treepodia’s e-commerce video platform includes monitored video hosting, streaming, and a multi-environment video player. Treepodia created 219,000 customized product videos for ATGStores.com within 24 hours based on the company’s existing set of product data. The Dynamic Video Sitemap ensured these videos and the company’s existing “how-to” videos were fully indexed by Google and distributed on YouTube.

“Showing multiple product images is great but it’s not the same as videos which give customers a full sense of the product with its features and benefits,” said Nick Hupka, director of marketing at ATGStores.com.  “We wanted to give customers a more complete experience, leading them to have more confidence before buying.  When customers are more confident, sales are higher sales and customers are more likely satisfied.”

The company has renewed its contract with Treepodia and is in the process of implementing a new project with retargeted YouTube video pre-rolls.

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