Lowe's first national retailer to offer Energy Star-rated LED bulb

MOORESVILLE, N.C.  - Lowe’s announced that it is the first national retailer to offer consumers the industry’s first and only Energy Star-rated LED A-Line bulb. 

The GE Energy Smart 9-watt LED light bulb is rated to last more than 22 years, according to Lowe's, and is priced at $34.98.

“The addition of the first Energy Star-rated LED bulb to our lighting line exemplifies Lowe’s commitment to providing our customers energy-efficient choices for their homes,” said Karena Bailey, Lowe’s merchandising vice president. “Lowe’s offers more in-stock ENERGY STAR lighting than any other home improvement retailer, and this innovation in LED technology provides exceptional value for our consumers, helping them save money and energy over the bulbs’ lifetimes.”

The new LED bulb features:

a soft white light (3,000K) and 80 color-rendering index;

instant full brightness like incandescent and halogen bulbs;

a 77% energy savings compared with a 40-watt incandescent bulb; and

a rated life of over 22 years when operated 3 hours per day.


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