LoyaltyPulse: Restaurant rewards increase visits

Asheville, N.C. -- Survey results released Wednesday by loyalty program consultant Loyalogy showed that restaurant rewards programs can increase patron visits by 35%.

According to the LoyaltyPulse U.S. study tracking consumer attitudes and behavior regarding restaurant rewards programs, consumers estimate a restaurant rewards programs would increase their visit rate to a particular restaurant by an average of 35%, and another 65% say they would recommend a restaurant more to others if that restaurant offered an appealing rewards program.

"The LoyaltyPulse study provides clear evidence directly from consumers regarding the effectiveness of restaurant rewards programs and the value associated with using the rewards program data to tailor and target guest e-mail communication," said Dennis Duffy, president of Loyalogy.

Other key findings from the survey include:

  • Four-out-of-five consumers prefer a rewards program with a clearly defined proposition in which they earn points for rewards than a program built solely on periodic, surprise free items;
  • Consumers desire a simple reward program enrollment process in the restaurant and would prefer to supply additional information online after they have left the restaurant;
  • Although consumer wallets are bulging with plastic cards, 60% of respondents stated that they don't mind carrying a membership card for a rewards program if it's necessary;
  • While only 10% of respondents have paid a fee to join a restaurant rewards program, fully 50% state they would be willing to do so if the program offered adequate value; and
  • A single rewards program membership covering multiple restaurant brands has significant appeal to consumers. 73% of respondents agreed they would like to have one rewards program membership that was honored at multiple restaurant chains.


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