Lucky Charms turns 50

Lucky Charms cereal is marking its 50th anniversary with a 50-day celebration featuring its longtime mascot Lucky the leprechaun.

The celebration kicked off last night with a tribute ad featuring pop vocal sensation Pentatonix singing his jingle. The festivities will culminate on Lucky's 50th birthday. St. Patrick's Day, March 17. Throughout the 50-day celebration, surprises will pop up across the country and online.

For more information, participants can visit Visit Beginning March 4, they can also go to the dedicated landing page to play the "Where's Lucky?" game for a chance to win exclusive limited-edition prizes. Participants can also follow #LuckyWasHere to see where Lucky and his charms show up throughout the next 50 days.

"Lucky Charms fans have always been the inspiration for keeping the magic alive and staying young at heart," said Nicci Trovinger, associate marketing manager for Lucky Charms. "Lucky Charms cereal is part of our pop culture and we want to thank fans everywhere by giving back with special surprises and fun for everyone, just as Lucky the Leprechaun has for the past 50 years."

Participants playing the "Where's Lucky?" game must search for Lucky by flipping over tiles on an interactive map. Lucky has left a trail of magical charms and surprises behind, putting his #LuckyWasHere mark everywhere he goes. Finding Lucky equates to an instant win for one of the limited-edition prizes. Each individual can play up to 12 times a day, win once per day and win five times during the duration of the game (March 4–17)

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