Lux Beauty Boutique increases transaction size with SelfPay Shopper App

Edmonton, Canada – Lux Beauty Boutique has launched the SelfPay Shopper App from Digital Retail Apps. Since rolling out the mobile self-checkout app, Lux has seen results including 7% of all in-store transactions flowing through the SelfPay mobile app during launch weekend and higher than average transaction values when compared to purchases completed at the cash register.

In addition, Lux observed that the self-checkout app attracts the majority of new users during times when the store is busiest and lines are long. And when faced with long lines at checkout and busy store associates, shoppers will not only download SelfPay but will also spend more than they would have at a cash register after waiting in line to pay.

“SelfPay is great for shoppers,” said Jennifer Grimm, Owner, Lux Beauty Boutique. “We promote it during slower periods precisely so that during busier times, shoppers are aware of it, we don't lose sales, and provide a better shopping experience. Once implemented, SelfPay will pay dividends time and time again.”

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