Macy’s deploys advanced fuel cell technology from Bloom Energy

Cheshire, Conn. -- Macy's and Bloom Energy announced that an innovative clean electricity generation system has been installed at Macy’s online fulfillment center in Cheshire, Conn. The servers, from Bloom Energy, use an advanced solid oxide fuel cell technology to produce electricity on-site.

In addition to providing base load 24x7 power to the facility, the servers are equipped with an uninterruptible power module, which provides business continuity during grid outages. In 2011, businesses in Connecticut experienced approximately 140 hours of outages (excluding major storms). The 600 kW Bloom Energy installation will provide an estimated five million kilowatt hours of reliable electricity each year and backup generation for future grid events.

The Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority of Connecticut helped provide funding for the project.

“Macy’s has made significant progress over the past five years in making our company more efficient, less wasteful and greener, which is important to our customers, associates, shareholders and communities. The more we do, the more we learn about the opportunities for future progress. For the needs of our company’s facility at Cheshire – and the realities of the marketplace – we believe a Bloom Energy Server is the cleanest, most efficient and reliable option available,” said Macy’s executive VP Amy Hanson.

Through a variety of energy management practices and technologies, Macy’s has reduced its energy consumption by 37% over the past 10 years.


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