Macy’s offers digital wallet option

New York – Macy’s Inc. has begun offering customers a digital wallet application called My Wallet. Available via mobile Web browser or the Macy’s mobile app, My Wallet automatically gives customers access to any credit cards already stored on their account, according to the retailer’s MyWallet Web page. It also lets them add up to 10 new credit cards, including third-party cards, although it does not allow gift cards to be stored.

My Wallet also automatically adds and stores Macy’s Star Pass rewards certificates earned by members of the Macy’s loyalty program. In addition, users can select and save certain offers from the deals and promotions page of the site to the digital wallet. Customers are automatically notified of eligible deals from their digital wallet when making in-person or online purchases, although only one offer can be used per transaction. There are no extra fees for signing up or using My Wallet.

Users are automatically logged out if the wallet hasn't been used for 30 minutes, and a matching username and password are required to log in. MyWallet is part of a $1 billion technology and infrastructure overhaul Macy’s has promised to execute.

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