improves customer insight with SAP analytics

New York - has successfully deployed the SAP InfiniteInsight solution to help better understand customer buying behavior and optimize email and website marketing campaigns. The company had a number of variables to understand when it came to understanding likelihood of a customer to spend in a certain product category.

The traditional approach to predictive analytics would have required a number of data scientists on staff for, as well as a predictive model for each product category. The SAP InfiniteInsight solution replaces the classic model creation process and allows to build 20 predictive models in a few weeks, a 15 times increase in productivity compared to the previous solution.

Working with SAP, Macy' deployed SAP InfiniteInsight in three months and has since seen an 8%-12% increase in online sales through more targeted emails to registered users as well as visitors to the Macy' website.

"SAP InfiniteInsight is a product that excels in speed to results," said Kerem Tomak, group VP, marketing analytics and CRM, "It's scalable, concise and very efficient; it's the reliable choice for predictive modeling. It's my go-to product for everything that requires scales for my enterprise-level solution."


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