Mall of America unifies consumer communication channels with online portal

New York -- Mall of America unveiled an “Enhanced Service Portal” designed to improve the digital and physical shopping experience by integrating all the communication channels through which consumers contact the shopping center into a unified service.

All requests and questions received through primary communication channels available to Mall of America consumers will be routed via the new portal, which is called ESP. ESP brings together the Mall of America website; social media channels; telephone, text and dispatch teams; guest services and security into a newly designed space that will allow the ESP team members to actively listen to consumers and retailers and promptly respond to them.

“The Enhanced Service Portal will strengthen the connection between guests, retailers and Mall of America by making shopping experiences easier than ever before,” said Maureen Bausch, Mall of America executive VP of business development. “Our priority is to provide superior guest service to everyone who visits Mall of America, and our new Enhanced Service Portal exemplifies this effort in a way that no other mall in the country can match.”

Consumers can interact with the ESP team before arriving at Mall of America to get driving directions and information about parking or events. ESP can also help consumers with anything from basic requests, such as bag checks and information about specific retailers, to more personalized needs, such as dining and shopping recommendations.

The full suite of ESP services will, in time, include concierges who can meet with consumers in person, as needed.

ESP was piloted in September and October and launches now ahead of the holiday shopping season.

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