Manthan Systems releases price optimization tool

Phoenix – Manthan Systems is introducing its ARC Pricing Optimization application. ARC Pricing Optimization offers capabilities designed specifically for the retail environment and is a part of the company’s latest release of its ARC Merchandise Analytic application, MA6.4
Specific capabilities include:

Auto Recommendation: Identify products at group or individual store level that are candidates for price changes based on performance objectives and pricing strategies.

Optimization Capabilities: Forecast and simulate scenarios based on changes to inputs like pricing strategies applied or targeted performance on metrics.

Execution Capabilities: Implement price recommendations through an automated or governed process to reflect the changes with minimal human intervention.

Guided Analytics: Use workflow-driven analytics to execute specific business processes, from discovery and auto-recommendation, to decision-making and execution in real-time.

Rich Visualization: See the impact of price changes and spot exceptions that need specific action, without having to browse rows of data.

Predictive Analytics: Close the loop between “analyze” and “act” with predictive and simulation innovations including write-back capabilities to source systems.

“The price optimization solutions offered in the market today are not meant for industries like retail that have specific pricing requirements with high functionality.” said Raj Nellutla, senior VP merchandise analytics for Manthan. “On the other hand, we have developed this very unique application that is custom designed for retail pricing scenarios with features like auto recommendation, discovery, forecasting, simulation, and visualization that provide the business user a guided experience in a user friendly environment.”

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