Marshalls offers customers a dose of confidence

Marshalls wanted to see how confident women are and asked 1,000 women if they have ever held themselves back due to a lack of confidence.

The retailer found that three out of four women (75%) have said no to an activity or opportunity due to lack of confidence. Marshalls enlisted the help of celebrity stylist Elizabeth Stewart and body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass to provide confidence boosting tips to help women say yes more often “in fashion and in life.”

Both Stewart and Dr. Glass offered suggestions on how to gain more confidence, and of signs pointed toward Marshalls.

"I'm so thrilled to be partnered with Marshalls this season in their mission to help women look and feel more confident," said Stewart. "Saying yes starts with confidence, and the quality and designer fashions at Marshalls are a great way to enable women to accomplish that."  

According to Dr. Lillian Glass, there are everyday habits women can focus on that will help them exude more confidence and change how they're perceived by family, friends and colleagues.

"I'm proud to work with Marshalls to teach women simple ways to project a more self-assured persona to the world," said Dr. Glass.

The survey was conducted by Wakefield Research among 1,000 nationally representative women ages 18 and older with oversamples of up to 1,000 employed women, between March 12 and March 21, using an email invitation and an online survey.

"It's become clear that women of all ages are holding themselves back from new and exciting life possibilities by lacking the confidence to say yes," said Gina Bollus, Marshalls company spokesperson. "Marshalls wants to help enable women to be more confident. Understanding that fashion plays a key role in this, we want to be her ally by providing quality, designer pieces at a price she'll love that will help her look and feel her best for any occasion in life."



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