Men outspend women on Valentine’s Day gift-giving

Austin, Texas -- Online coupon site reported Thursday that men outspend women by more than $120 on Valentine’s Day gift giving.

According to the just-released results of the Valentine edition of’s Shoppers Trend Report, the average person in a relationship plans to spend $226 for Valentine’s Day this year; the break-out is dominated by men, however, as they plan to spend $287 versus women at $164.

Conducted by The Omnibus Co., the survey results came as no surprise. “Similar to last year, men and women just can’t seem to get on the same page when it comes to equity in how much they will spend on their significant other for Valentine’s Day,” said Trae Bodge, senior editor for RetailMeNot’s blog.

Other statistics from this month’s Shoppers Trend Report:

  • More men than women would like to receive a meal (28% vs. 13%) or tickets to something (19% versus 7%) from their partners this Feb. 14; and
  • More women than men would opt for jewelry (24% versus 15%), a trip (18% versus 12%), or flowers (14% versus 6%).
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