Men's Wearhouse extends DeSL PLM into full supply chain solution

New York -- Supply chain solution-provider DeSL said Thursday that Men’s Warehouse is embarking on a phase 2 project that expands its PLM application usage to implement the DeSL full supply chain solution.

"Now that we have implemented DeSL's PLM solution we have full control of our product development, are sharing on-line tech packs with our vendors along with time and action calendars and collaborative costing, the natural extension was to go to full supply chain management,” said Will Silveria , executive EVP , Men's Wearhouse.

The implementation will involve creating and tracking purchase orders for fabrics, trims and finished products to deliver real time, global WIP tracking. Factories and mills will receive online purchase orders and update progress in real time.

“This will enable us to make more informed decisions and react faster to consumer demand," said Silveria.


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