Mobile ad tech company unveils software development kit

With Apple’s introduction of Airdrop and iBeacon, shopping mall owners, retailers and brands have turned to Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy (BLE) and the newest class of location-based mobile advertising opportunities enabled by the technology. As a leading company invested in delivering mobile ubiquity by integrating Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC and QR, Mobiquity Technologies has release of its partner software development kit (SDK) designed to allow retailers and brands to leverage Mobiquity Networks’ Bluetooth LE Beacon network.

Mobiquity Networks already owns and operates the nation’s largest location-based, mobile advertising Bluetooth network in shopping malls, which supports Bluetooth LE Beacon technology. The company describes the release of the BLE Beacon SDK as a significant leap forward for its network, as its inclusion in a mobile app allows partners to instantly gain access to the network’s advanced BLE Beacon proximity capabilities.

Installation of Mobiquity Networks’ BLE Beacon SDK in a mobile app allows proximity-based engagement with the company’s entire network, which includes 100 of the premier U.S. shopping malls. The network covers nearly 3,000 unique retailers with more than 15,000 storefronts, and represents approximately 120 million monthly shopper visits and roughly $12 billion in purchasing power per month. This activation creates the largest installed Bluetooth LE Beacon network of its kind in the U.S.

"We are thrilled to unlock the potential of our Bluetooth network through the release of our Beacon SDK. We now have the ability to give thousands of brands, retailers and social media platforms access to their fans through highly personalized and relevant engagements on their own mobile apps in very precise and valuable indoor locations," said Michael Trepeta, co-CEO of Mobiquity Technologies. “We are excited to see Apple’s iBeacon, PayPal’s Beacon and other Bluetooth Low Energy Beacon products inside retail store locations, as this will give us the opportunity to further enhance the experience for all mobile apps that integrate our Beacon technology while in the common area, where we presently service up to 120 million shopping visits per month.”

According to the company, by integrating its BLE Beacon SDK into a mobile app, a retailer or brand can initiate a rich in-app experience, relevant promotion or proximity-based special from the mobile app the instant a shopper walks by one of the network’s Beacons — from as close as one-foot up to 300 feet away, depending on preference. With the nation’s largest physical hardware network deployed in malls across the country, consisting of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and real-time access to consumers, Mobiquity Technologies will work with app developers to activate access to its BLE Beacon network to immediately begin providing micro-location-based engagements.



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